The Blessings of Corona

Coronavirus has made her worldwide debut and this bald-headed ho is going to be here for a while. She’s like that middle school bully who comes into your world, kicks your butt, takes your money and forces you to never want to leave your house.

This virus has made me and the world slow down. Life is less hectic now that we have shifted where we place value. Time is what’s important now. Connection is what’s important. I have come to appreciate this. I now know the true meaning of the old adage: life is precious. This also means how we exist within this life.

We've all been connected by this horrific situation.

How we move. How we interact. How we breathe. Literally. Our existence in relation to others and the world has taken front and center. We can longer go about our day without grabbing a mask and gloves. It is now the norm and it doesn’t look so weird to cover your mouth and nose with a makeshift cover up. I guess MJ was ahead of his time.

But the next question is how do we move forward? How do we make sense of this new world? How do we choose to see the glass half full and not half empty? It's not an easy task. It requires inner strength that pushes each one of use to really discover our purpose.

I am a new person with a new set of eyes. What to wear, what shoes to rock, what selfies to post -- all of that is trivial now. There are bigger fish to fry in life: Standing in my truth. Spreading love. Giving out smiles -- even if behind masks. Those are the things that count.

Helping people also counts. I've rededicated my life to really serve the people who are struggling every day just to survive. I know this struggle; I used to be there searching for a way out while pursuing my dreams.

I want more for us and more for me, too.

I want to be more, do more. I want to affect the world with my talent not just as an actor but a creator. I want to build on this momentum of community that I’m feeling. I want to heal people through jokes. I want to figure out how to not fall victim to the hopelessness that the world is feeling right now.

I actually feel rejuvenated by the possibilities that exist now. The earth is cleansing and so is the spirit of man. If we can allow it to be so, this time can be a rebirth for the whole world.

I used to think my dreams and efforts were just that, mine. It took COVID-19 to awaken me to my limited thinking when it came to what I was capable of. I think we all owe it to each other to take this time to reflect, relax, unplug from the matrix and connect with that one thing that’s constant: you.